Friday, 28 September 2012

Another page from my journal

Yet another greyish day and I was talking to someone this morning who said there's more to come -Oh! No!
Still tomorrow I'm off to Port Sunlight for a day out and at Happy Stampers with my friend Sarah! 
Just thought I'd show you another page from my journal
The image was from Digital Two for Tuesday and it just seemed to fit in with a song in my head.The background was already in my book and I coloured the image with distress markers. Then, strangely, while looking through a quotation book two or three days later I found that this particular part of the lyrics(sung by George Harrison) were originally by no other than Lewis Carrol! 
So, lunch and then off to shop - can't leave hubby without some treats tomorrow!
Thanks for looking, Chris


patcrafts said...

You are certainly producing lots of journal pages these days which is more than you can say for me I'm always going to do and then allow other things to get in the way. I love the colours on this page the quote and the image go so well together.
Hope you and Sarah have a lovely day at Happy Stampers I won't see you this time as I am doing a Hels Sheridan workshop in Preston tomorrow. xx

Sue said...

It can't be grey in Port Sunlight surely. I love your winding road up to those amazing houses. Well, both GH and LC were good with words....
Have fun on your travels and tell us all about it when you return.


Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, fancy not knowing you were at Port Sunny! We probably passed and didn't even know it. Hope you had fun - we certainly did! Lovely page - love those cliffs x