Sunday, 23 September 2012

A great job!

I can hardly believe a week has passed since hubby and I got up early and headed to Blackpool Zoo for him to be zookeeper for a day! The staff were fantastic and gave him a chance to have some really interesting experiences throughout the day!
We started in the elephant house where he had a chance to wash an elephant!
The zoo have a policy that they no longer have direct contact with the elephants so that it gives the elephants a choice, they use a target stick and the elephant can follow instructions. It was fantastic to see an elephant back up to a hole in the fence and put it's feet up in turn to be inspected and washed.
Next it was off to the penguins, as official observer I was allowed to to in too!
I stood well back near the pelicans
Those beaks looked dangerous!

Zebras were next
It's a dirty job but somebody had to do it!

These guys waited patiently! 
By this time the rest of the family had arrived
We were delighted when the keeper attached to the tapir and giraffes allowed the youngsters to take part in the feeding

Then off we went for lunch, Granpa was allowed out to eat with us!
Sealions were next but booh! hooh! we only got to watch through the glass
Final job for the day was feeding the squirrel monkeys and the lemurs - hubby's face was a picture!
handfuls of grubs 
My monkeys watching the monkeys
Yes, I was jealous! Lemurs are my favourites
Hey! don't forget us!
We had time after this to see the rest of the animals in the zoo before they shut
The kids had a great day, lots of lovely puddles to splash in, while the rest of us avoided them. 
We all loved being part of this day and at the end hubby was presented with a certificate and some lovely goodies to keep as souvenirs. 
Must dash, Downtons about to start!
Thanks for looking, back soon, Chris


patcrafts said...

Oh what a fantastic day I as a great animal lover would have absolutely loved this. I remember going to Blackpool Zoo with my 2 grand-daughters Elena who was 3 at the time and was obsessed with "Lion King" and when we saw the lions she wanted to go in the cage to stroke them!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just got back from NYC and suffering from Jet lag but worth it. Pat xx

Molly said...

Oh my goodness... What an exciting day. I absolutely love going to the zoo and have visited them in cities around the world. How fun that must have been to get up close and personal with the animals like that. Sounds like quite an adventure!

Joanne said...

What a wonderful present for him as those memories will last forever.
Hugs Joanne xx

Sue said...

Such a memorable day and what an honour to help care for those wonderful creatures. Elephants are so clever, I respect them much more than many humans; present company excepted.... The photos are wonderful, thanks Chris for letting us into the experience.