Monday, 4 April 2011

OOOer missus!

This is all very strange - I've got a new computer and as you can see I've been playing but don't for one minute think this is it!
As yet I have no photos as hubby (sadly I have no idea!)needs to load in some stuff!! I can't begin to tell you how fantastic it is not to have attempt start up 3 or 4 times and how quickly everything loads in. I have just spent a happy hour visiting blogs and now I'm on my way out, hope to be back soon with pictures of my 365 journal pages.
Love and happy, happy day to you, Chrisx


Sarah Anderson said...

Fabulous!!!! There'll be no getting you out of blogland now lol! :)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Chris, I look forward to seeing your 365 journal pages :-) Are you planning on going to the show in Liverpool next month? (not sure if I've asked you that before :-/
Anne xx