Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Totally, utterly!

Yesterday I had one of those days(: - in my totally, utterly pearshaped fashion I threw Actimel over the two "12 tags" I had made. I had left them on my table along with some cards ready to photograph today in daylight. In my haste to clear the table for tea last night I put down my half drunk pot and then just caught the rim - boy that stuff can run and it headed straight for the tags! They ended up being a sticky soggy mess. Managed to salvage the cards today (trimmed off the edges)but haven't the heart to attempt today's tag:( Maybe tomorrow....
This is something I bought a few weeks ago - for £2!!, the intention was to alter it, but I don't think I can bring myself to spoil that lovely grain. Maybe just some ribbon and a flower?
Thanks for looking,

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Joanne said...

Now I thought actimel was a sort of re-juvinating thing. those tags should just pop back into life. Don't be down about it, have another go.
Luv Joanne xx