Sunday, 12 December 2010

Fell at 4th

OK, so I didn't make it, following my little argument with the actimel pot(see previous post) I lost heart, my days 3 and 4 tags, which I was quite pleased with, ruined, I didn't have the heart to carry on and spent 2 days giving my wardrobe a thorough clearout(very theraputic)before even looking at my ruined tags. Anyhow, decided I could salvage some of day 4's took off some bits, got a new paper and made this
 Nothing like the first one as I had to use a much bigger image. Couldn't salvage day 3's tag and decide to call it a day.There's always next year!!
I have looked at Tim's blog each day and been amazed at  everyones interpretations on the artyjen link, and hope to try some of the brilliant techniques but sadly not on the 12 tags:( 
Partly this is because I have some new tablets that are making me slightly lightheaded at times(the practice nurse says I will get used to them) and partly because the beginning of December is quite difficult as it reminds me that my mum and dad aren't around for Christmas, they both died on the same date four years apart.

However, today was my birthday, and thanks to my lovely hubby I've had a lovely day. We should have been waking up to the lovely view from our caravan, but when we went up on Friday afternoon we arrived to find we had a flood as soon as we turned on the water - so it was a case of mop up and leave, as there was no way we could get it fixed so late. We did stop at a lovely pub for a meal on the way home and hubby suggested that we go to Dawn Bibby's today as he had seen the e-mail announcing a make and take day. So today I woke up and opened my present from him - A melt pot!!! and Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland WHOOOO!!- and off we went to Dawn's studio where she showed me how to make this.
 The holly is on a lovely Artemio stamp collection, which I just had to buy, along with the beautiful Graphic 45 paper!

We then went for  a lovely lunch and then off to see my future DIL do a reverse bungee jump. I'm so proud of her, as she and her friend raised £307 pounds for Christies  Hospital.

Got home and my youngest son arrived with roses and Nigel Slater's "Tender" with some fantastic recipes and info.

I'm  back on track again!!:)

If you've got to the end of this rant then thanks for sticking with me! Thanks for looking in the first place



ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Firstly - Happy birthday xxxx
secondly- I love your santa tag - he's cute :D
Thirdly congrats on you meltpot and your other lovely purchases :D I hope you have lots of actimel free days with them :D
Julie xx

Netty said...

Happy Birthday Chris. Your tags are beautiful. Annette x

Anonymous said...

Lovely tags Chris! Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a wonderful day!
Alison x

She said...

I love your Santa Tag Chris :-) Glad you had a lovely Birthday.........a very Happy belated wish from me..........I have posted to you, very late though sorry. I love the Holly Tag too. Graphic 45 papers are lush, aren't they? I'll catch up with you very soon. Love S xx

Joanne said...

Oh Chris, a very happy birthday. You had a marvelous day I see. Check my clog later today of tomorrow for one of your ATCs. Now you have a melt pot, the crafting world is at your feet. Get yourself an insert pan and some wax. You will love that technique, believe me. Hope to see you in the NY. xx