Monday, 7 November 2016

T stands for……..the changing seasons.

I can hardly believe it is Tuesday again! 
I have been looking back at some photos taken of the caravan garden 
This was taken in March - my first trip back after my Op! 
On this occasion we went to the local tip - the workers there rescue garden items to pretty up their border - it's always fun to see what they find

In April there were lambs in the field over the road - I make no apologies for showing these cuties again.

I love to see lambs like this springing around!

By July I could hardly see the field!

In October we had a garden tidy again…mostly over the Summer we just pull out weeds and use the green bin on site, this time we went to the tip again.
 There is stuffed goose there!!
I couldn't get a good shot here as this truck was parked up.
One of the guys there told me that the food for the rescued bird feeder is also free - I suppose folk feed the birds while they are on holiday and throw away what they don't use. A lot of the caravan sites close down in October - we are so pleased that ours is open all year! 
Here we are in November and I can see a little more of the field - hopefully the Farmer will continue to train sheepdogs over the Winter and I can have a front row seat again!
We are lucky that Eddie our warden has cut the hedges and trimmed the Buddlea - pity he  isn't allowed to cross the road and chop down those straggly branches
The other day I made a pumpkin and roasted almond soup - it was delicious but realise that this just won't do for my visit to Elizabeth's for T Stands for Tuesday….

… I will take you back to Cambridge where we went back to Carluccio's for something to keep our tummies from growling when we went to the Evensong at Kings College. The cakes were delicious as was the Latte I had and hubby's Cappuccino.
We are having a few days at home now but I will miss seeing my garden and sunsets like this which we saw as it was getting dark at the weekend….
...and this one from back in April
Looking forward to visiting and seeing what you have been drinking this week!
Thanks for looking, Chris


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I LOVE your look back at the garden in front of your caravan. And those sunsets are gorgeous. It's amazing how the view changes with the seasons. I'm so glad I also have seasons, because some places don't get four seasons.

Your soup looks wonderful. I may have to search for a recipe for pumpkin soup, since I have such a large pumpkin.

I was surprised that Mr. Pear Shaped drank a cappuccino. I thought he was strictly a tea man. It certainly looks rich, and I hate to admit it, but his cappuccino looks better than your latte.

Thanks for sharing your retrospective photos from your caravan, and your coffee choices with us for T this Tuesday. Hope you are enjoying being home again.

Linda Kunsman said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden and scenery throughout the months. Each brings its own loveliness. That pumpkin soup looks heavenly to me-yum!! Happy T day!

My name is Erika. said...

Love the photo recap and those cute little lambs. And I think a cup of that soup would be fantastic on a cool fall evening. But I would take a muffin too. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

Brenda Brown said...

It's lovely to see the changing seasons and views from the year. How wonderful to be able to visit your caravan whenever you want and get the greatest benefits you can from it. Hope all is well and have a great week xx

Helen said...

Great to see the year in review like this - it certainly seems to have gone as fast as this blog post!!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful photos taken through the year, that really is a lovely spot to be. The soup looks wonderful, and the spread on the table in Cambridge - oh my! Wish I had been there! Have a great week, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Bridget Larsen said...

You have a beautiful tranquil aspect, so relaxing even from this far

chrissie said...

Always love to see pics of your beautiful setting at the caravan and the many places you find to eat and drink along your travels.

Beautiful photographs today

Love Chrissie xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your view is amazing - what a wonderful landscape!
Oh this soup looks good and this yummie things in Carluccio's! Amazing!
Happy T-Day dear Chris!

Pamellia Johnson said...

Such beautiful scenery, a lovely place to visit. I am so in love with your garden, I would never go in the house if my back yard looked like that, wow!! That sky shot is something else, wow! Those colours, wow!! Great post Chris!

Meggymay said...

It was lovely to see the photos of the garden and views over the past year, how the seasons change is a wonderful sight to see.
Your soup looked delicious, warming on a cold winter day. We have a snow forecast today.
Happy T day
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Such a lovely trip down memory lane - how wonderful to see the changing views over the seasons, it certainly is a fabulous outlook from your caravan no matter what the season is! I love your sunset picture from April, the colour of the sky is stunning :-). Your cakes and coffee look fantastic too, wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

Lisca Meijer said...

What a great post, full of photos. I love seeing the different photos taken in different seasons from the same spot. Beautiful.
The tip decorations are such fun. It's great that those guys (and there's bound to be a gal) are doing that.
The lambs are gorgeous. I remember you posting them in spring.
Oh Carlucci's! I have fond memories of Carlucci's. We always make sure we go to one when we are in the UK. There are several in Bristol and Keynsham. They have Italian staff and i can have a good old natter in Italian!
Is your caravan a static? Or do you have to 'put it to bed' so to speak?
Happy T-Day and thanks for your kind comments,

Anonymous said...

i love visiting the countryside and sheep such lovely photos and soup is a good idea too

Divers and Sundry said...

What a view! Lovely all year, it seems, and I do so enjoy seasonal changes :) Happy T Tuesday!

Carol said...

Love seeing your garden over the season :) Never too many lamb photos ♥ That soup does look delish!!!! I've been in a soup mood of late. Happy T DAY!!!

Krisha said...

What a lovely stroll through the year and the the little cute! Yes, I think he should sneak across the road and trim those branches too! LOL!
You really live in a beautiful area.
Happy T-day

johanna said...

i´m all about pumpkin soups currently. so this one with the almonds sounds good to me!
beautiful photos, Chris, thanks for sharing and happy t-day!

Dianne said...

yummy treats and stunning views! always love the photos you share, and the gardens around your caravan are so lovely!