Wednesday, 15 May 2013


That was the week that was!! So much happened it feels like two!!
I'm going to tell you about it if you want to hang around after I've shown you what's on my desk, because after all that's why Julia started this Desk watching thingy!!!You can find out more by checking out Julia's blog!  
So...guess where I am?
Just unpacked these - my pencil case, paper cutter, paper, stamps and three year books that MUST be finished soon!
Just in case you were wondering what I did with those papers last week - they were turned into atc's for friends!

Did I mention I'm going through a flowery phase?!!

Now, I don't mind if you leave now as I know time is precious, but I did say that I would explain why this last week has been so busy!
Thursday - hair cut - at last! My son's ex partner cuts my hair and we hadn't been able to set a date so I was beginning to look somewhat dishevelled! 
Friday - A fabulous Andy Skinner Gelli Plate workshop - fortunately sitting next to my friend Pat who is a bit of an expert! Sadly not much time for chatting!

Saturday - A trip to Happy Stampers at Port Sunlight with another friend - a great day and much chatting, meeting up with old friends and spending far too much money!

Sunday - A barbecue at my youngest son's house in honour of my eldest son's birthday. Unfortunately the weather forced us indoors but my sons homemade burgers were still delicious!
My son's birthday card - there is a similar themed canvas - sadly not yet finished!
Monday - a real adventure day - ha! ha! A quick run into town saw me sprawling in the doorway of my favourite art supply shop, very embarrassing! I missed the little step! They didn't even have what I wanted in stock either! However after lunch my foot and knee were really hurting and we thought a trip to A and E would be a good idea - fortunately nothing broken! 
Did this while I was waiting!

Tuesday - had intended meeting friends for coffee but ended up with them coming to me(bearing cakes - Thanks you girls!!) 

Can I finally add a sad and rather disgusting tale - my lovely friend Lindsay Mason was at Happy Stampers demonstrating using her lovely Doo Lally Pip stamps. While she was at lunch with Sarah and I someone(a crafter obviously)took some of her sample tags and a canvas! If anyone sees these samples - Lindsay did not give them away they were stolen - not only that, they were needed for deadlines that Lindsay has been working for!! I guess I'm just naive, I though we crafters respected the time taken to produce work - obviously this person was not a  REAL crafter!! 

If you've got to the end of this epic thanks for staying!
Here's to a quieter week, Chrisx


Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh that last story was terrible. I have only just started blogging and so far crafters seem like the loveliest, kindest and most supportive community. I think you are right and the thief can't have been a real crafter to have done such a mean thing. Your ATCs are just lovely. xxx #58 Julie Ann

Monique said...

Yup, hung around for the whole story. It's so sad that that happened to your friend. I hope she makes her deadline.
Your tags look lovely.
Happy WOYWW.

Jules occasionally vintage said...

Wow one busy week. Your atc look great! Hope your friend gets her work back!!! Jules no55

Almo said...

Hi Chris, we keep missing each other dont we!, I am sure we will bump into each other at one of the shows in the Autumn, I will let you know if I am going to any. I am shocked to hear that someone has lifted some of Lindsays samples, like you said whoever took them is some low life and not a true crafter. Love your sweet little atc's, I am in the middle of about 9 of them so I have them ready to hand out. Your little doodle card made me giggle, obviously all the thoughts going through your head at the time. Thank you for taking the time to visit earlier, Hugs Mo x #44

butterfly said...

Sounds like a crazily busy but very satisfying week... right until that last story - I'm outraged, disgusted, disappointed - bah!

But I'm uplifted by your ATCs - they are SO lovely, and by your doodle. The medieval card is wonderful - do hope we'll get to see the canvas when (if?) it's finished!
Alison xx

Heather{Our Life In a Click} said...

Wow you have been busy!! How pretty!

April Story said...

Wow - you did have a busy week. I hope you heal quickly. April #147

Krisha said...

My, you have had a busy week, and thank you for making me feel a little better about falling last week and ending up with a sprained wrist and a black eye. You ATC are realy beautiful and of all things I have a doddle page almost the same LOL
This next week will be much better>
Krihs a#113

Annie said...

Hi Chris,
I read to the end and what can I say? What a week you've had. I hope the tumble hasn't left you too shaken and this week is a more relaxed one for you.
How sad that a 'fellow crafter' would stoop that low to take something like that. As crafters we know how much work would have gone into it all.
A x # 47

Caro said...

Wow, what a busy week. I love your ATCs and I am so sorry for your friend. That is so sad. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Caro x (#61)

Shaz Brooks said...

Great ATC's- need the inspiration for the WOYWW ones, lol. What a week- lets hope this one is a bit calmer. I was disgusted by the last story- as you say, clearly not a true crafter- we appreciate the effort that goes into someones work,and their generosity in sharing what they create.I do hope it gets spotted somewhere-Have a great week, Hugs Shaz#85 xx

Sarah Anderson said...

Hope you're still resting! Thanks so much for my flowery ATC, I do love it!

Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Chris, hope you're recovering'll have to start taking more water with it you know! It was great to see you again on Saturday. You've certainly had a busy old week one way and another. Having been a recipient of one of the ATC's in your post I can say that they look even lovelier in "real life" - thank you for mine. Getting caught up with myself bit by bit after the sneak thief does happen, just not usually one such a grand scale!! Take care, Lindsay x x

Nan G said...

Love the card can't wait to see the canvas. Fab ATCs! Sad but true some who take classes are not true crafters just there to see what they can get cheap(sticky fingered free). Happened to me when I would teach at the store in town. Hope you've recovered from your tumble. A bit late with my Happy WOYWW! Nan G #17

Helen said...

Some people - even crafting people who we normally think are so nice - have no shame. i hope the missing sample turns up... ever the optimist. Your week sounds full and eventful. Hope you are ok now. Helen, 16

Liz Black said...

Your ATC's are lovely. So sorry to hear that last story - unbelievable what some people will do! Hopefully they will turn up and if the news spreads far enough, the culprit may have a conscience!!! Thanks for sharing and a belated Happy Woyww Liz@130

Joanne said...

I seem to remember the 'theft' bit happening to Hels on a workshop at Dawn's. That made me really mad too. Why folk think it's their right to simply help themselves to artwork that has taken the maker ages to produce is beyond me. I hope their fingers hurt them now.

Zue said...

Your ATCs look beautiful. You are in a flower phase, well, nothing wrong with that!
So sorry to hear about Lindsay's sad and annoying

Zue said...

Glad you did not break any bones...that would not have been amusing ....happened to me a couple of years ago....I was so bored!
Zue xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful doodling!
Gabriele #61

Neet said...

Yes, I heard her saying she had some things taken - sadly this does happen at shows. I have witnessed it when I have been working. Not all crafters are honest and not all the people at shows are crafters sad;y.
Thanks for my lovely atc by the way.
Hugs, Neet xx