Wednesday, 3 October 2012

woyww being daring!

Having had such encouraging comments last week - Thank You very much, I'm back again! Thanks to Julia I also got to see quite a few of your work desks last week, though not as many as I would have liked! 
Having been to Port Sunlight,Happy Stampers show I had a lot of unmounted stamps and as I wanted to take them away with me to the caravan I just had to stick at the task...sort of!!
Can you see two of my journals - yes, there you see - the other one is just peeking out at the right of the picture! Well, to give my cutting hand a break I just had to play with my inks in between! I've put some of the smaller stamps into a CD case to take - they are little quotes from Lost Coast Designs.
Want to see whats behind the journal? OK!
Still to be tackled - some little boxes and my bowls that I keep dropping random items into! My sewing machine at the front and behind that my embellishing machine(this one still to be used properly)
Right, now this next view is a bit of a cheat - I'm going to show you the whole room - just about - but the photo is a reflection in my Gran's mirror! All the time she had it she would tell me that when she was gone she wanted me to have it - so here it is - I had to wait a long time for it thank goodness, she was 101 when she died!
Thank you ballerina for hiding me, must away for a shower and then off we go, it's sunny today so we need to make the most of it!
Thanks for looking, Chris 


okienurse said...

busy looking craft room. Love the photo reflection of your room from your grans mirror. Interesting photo! Thanks for sharing and Have a great week. Vickie #22

Redanne said...

Hi Chris, I saw your journal yesterday but your desk looks interesting, so much room to work on - love that. Your photo is brilliant, don't know how you managed it but love it. Enjoy your trip to the caravan. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #13

Neet said...

Thanks for calling in to see me at Port Sunny on Saturday - was lovely to meet you and with Sarah too.
Love the photo you have taken with the mirror, ingenious!
You look to have a busy craft room, enjoy taking some of it to the caravan with you.
Hugs, Neet 31 xx

Gez said...

Lovely to have a peek at your desk Chris. I hope life is settling down a little, enjoy your journals, love Gez xx

House of Bears said...

The journal background on the left is looking good. What a great space you have to craft in.

The bears @#75

Twiglet said...

Well what a fab mirror. Our gran lived to be nearly 101 too. She was a seamstress so we think we inherited her genes. x Jo

Sallyh said...

Love your craft area, so bright and cheery. Hugs Sally #125

Ann B said...

Well done you for taking the plunge and joining in on WOYWW. Missed you last week as I haven't done any crafting or blogging for a few weeks.
Missed Port Sunlight as well which was a pain as I didn't get my rubber fix - see you made up for it though.
Lovely desk and even more lovely mirror, 101 - what a fantastic age.

Ann B
was #52 but promoted to #50

patcrafts said...

loved looking at your desk some very interesting stuff on there. Your journal page looks good and I see you have a cuttlebug, I had one but when I bought a Vagabond I sold it now I wish I hadn't done so. Looks like you will have many years of crafting if Grandma lived to 101! Hope the weather stays nice for you at the caravan.BTW are you going to GNPE I am so we could meet up for a coffee if you are, it's this weekend. Pat xx

fairy thoughts said...

You have a great space there journals, paper crafting and a sewing machine, everything a girl needs
janet #9

Buttons said...

Now that is one serious amount of crafting going on and I'm glad you had the chance to splurge at Port Sunlight. Hugs, Buttons #57

Lunch Lady Jan said...

You have a really nice crafting area!! Like your lime green bowl in the background :) But what is an embellishing machine? Never heard of that before! Please will you show a close up of it in a future post...see how nosey I am, lol :D
Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

Annie said...

My Grandma was nearly 101 when she died. Don't they leave behind wonderful lagacies when they live that long?.
A x #2

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

Love the mirror, you got from your Gran...lots of memeories in that :) Hope you have a ghreat holiday, and thank you for your help at Port Sunny...much appreciated..

MiniOwner said...

Oh I love your gran's mirror. How lovely she lived to that grand age. I've enjoyed visiting your workdesk albeit a day late. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner #147)

Margaret said...

Love this kind of post, it's always fascinating to see other artist's work desks! your's looks very well organised!
As to my wreath once I'd started I couldn't stop!

JoZart said...

As promised the info for making the secret message card is now on my blog if you'd like to try it out. Have a good weekend, love Jo x

Sue said...

Your studio is so light and airy. Lucky you with a sewing and an embellishing machine. It must be in the genes.... longevity....and the mirror was well worth waiting for:)
have fun, Chris!

Sarah Anderson said...

a cd box, very clever idea! and those journal pages are looking yummy, lots of splattered inkiness :) I love your mirror photo too - ingenious!