Friday, 25 November 2011

Jogging along!

Things still a bit wobbly but I am getting on with things! Year books for grandchildren almost done, some presents started and some journaling too. Books are still secret as are presents but here are a couple of journal pages!
I had convinced myself that I could  live without chocolate -but realise that sometimes it's a staple food!!

Just playing around with pen, paint, ink and getting a 
few thoughts down made me feel better! Just added a bit of lace and mop up baby wipe to give a bit of texture afterwards.

I went for a bit of retail therapy yesterday, Abakhan had 15% off everything so I came back with wool, beads, some fabric and a new toy which I'll show you soon!

Thanks for looking and Thank you again for all your encouraging comments which are greatly appreciated.


Gez said...

Great to hear you are keeping busy Chris.. a little bit of choc?? I think we can let you off just this once!!!!

Chin up girl, lets hope 2012 will be a great new year for us and our loved ones.

Take special care, Gez.xx

Anonymous said...

Love the colours and doodles on your journal pages Chris. As for chocolate, I must be one of the only females that don't care about the stuff. Now put a bag of salted peanuts in front of me and - Beware of the Pitbull - LOL.
Hugs Joanne xx

patcrafts said...

That's strange cos I have been eating chocolate today infact had a day eating everything I shouldn't for some unknown reason. I can't live without chocolate I just love it as I do your journal pages, super colours and doodling. Keep postitive and look forward to a new year, thinking of you Pat xx

Rachel Chieppa said...

Great journal pages. Love the matter-of-factness in the first. And, love the swirls in the second. Nicely done!