Friday, 16 September 2011

Why do birthdays that all seem to come at once? This next 3 months sees a whole run of birthdays so I have been making cards like a mad woman! As none of them will have been received yet I'll keep them a secret for just a little while longer!
Of course while I had inks etc. out I have been making journal pages, I am finding journaling a relaxing thing to do and it gives me a push to get on with things. I kept coming back to this page - a few distress stains put on first then used up some of the inked baby wipe from the other day to dab through a stencil(Special Touch of Mica)
Over the days I have sprayed on Special touch of Mica (Rose) through the same mask, stamped, doodled, added scraps, cut hearts out of mop up paper and added a Crafty Individuals image.

I've added this image using my scanner, not altogether happy with this method but in a lazy mood today, my medication is making me feel queasy in the night and I couldn't sleep for ages.

I'm getting on quite well with the big sort out, took a load to the charity shop on Tuesday and some craft stuff to add to stash at craft club in Salford. We have both been looking through our cd collection and are making some cuts there too-small steps:) We should have at least till next Spring before we think of moving, just need to clear some stuff before we start to let people view this place with LESS in it LOL!!

I was looking at a video demonstration here yesterday by Chris Cozen and Julie Pritchard when my grandson arrived, he looked over my shoulder, then said "She's like you isn't she Gran?" - I wish!!! He was guessing what it would look like next pretty accurately too - I can see what we'll be doing in our next craft session!

I spent yesterday afternoon with my friend Tina at Abakhan in Manchester, picked ourselves a few bargains out including these at 17p each
At least I hope they're a bargain - I don't have anything in mind- I just loved the colours! 
We had great fun, mainly because Abakhan just is not wheelchair friendly at all and we had had to keep moving stands, boxes etc. with much giggling involved!!!(and yes I did put them back afterwards - well, most of them lol)

Off now to go and buy a birthday present, thanks for looking, Chris 


lori vliegen said...

your journal page is bright, colorful and really wonderful! and it looks like you had lots of fun creating it, too!! hope you have a great weekend! :))

patcrafts said...

A stunning page with lots of texture and layers, love it, the colours are fab too.You sound to have had a good day I love that shop too it's like an Aladin's cave.xx

Sue said...

Hi Chris, hope you are keeping well. Your journal page is beautiful. Isn't it really theraputic to have clear out. I have been doing the same and it nakes me want to create. (Hopfully not more mess)
The video is really interesting, thanks for the link.
Best wishes to you and yours
Sue Allan xxx