Monday, 15 August 2011

Just journaling

Since I last posted we've been away and I did little more than play with my art journals. This was mainly because I had a viral infection that gave me conjunctivitus, sore throat and an excruciating earache and didn't feel like doing anything(in fact I didn't for days) Luckily I had my lovely view to keep me sane which I could see from my sofa! 

Before I began to fully recover I did this...
Barbed wire doodling - can you tell how I felt?!! he!he!
Fortunately following a visit to the local docs I began to feel much better once the anti-biotics began to work and finished off something I'd started in a new journal(from Asda -with lovely squared pages)

Now we are home we are trying to sort out things to get rid of - we plan to sell our house next year and we both know that as hoarders we need to clear the decks AAAAAaaaaggghhhh!!!! 
Back soon with more pages, thanks for looking, Chris 

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