Wednesday 14 February 2024

Sunshine makes me happy!

Hi everyone,  A song I love to listen to is John Denver's Sunshine on my Shoulders. In fact sunshine anywhere makes me happy - even if I have to sit in the shade to cool down, I love looking at sun shining onto my surroundings. We haven't had much sun lately but it is warmer than usual for February.

I finally felt up to finishing the page I started last Friday.

My page today has two of my own photos taken at Tatton Park in different seasons. Whenever we walk by these tall redwood trees I just have to sit and look up at the canopy. I am so happy to be able to keep these memories as a journal page!

I used Distress inks in blue, green and yellow through a Lavinia Stamps stencil. Once I had decided where my photos were going to go I stamped a row of Crafty Individual trees and added the photos. I drew a frame around them and wrote in diagonally 'The light above the trees'
Finally I stamped the quote from Alison Bomber's Paper Artsy stamp set 'Darkness and Light'
I am joining in with Vicki's Art Journal Journey theme 'Keeping It Light' 

Thanks for looking, Chris 


  1. Thank you for putting that song in my head for the rest of the day! Best wishes, sunshine and Aloha to you my friend

  2. I'm with you and that John Denver song. We had sun today, which was nice, but the wind was cold here. I enjoyed your sunshine views through the trees on your page. It was nice to see green leaves and think about it being warmer. And your pages is great too! I hope you have a wonderful end of your week and are feeling better. hugs-Erika

  3. Beautiful pages and your photos of the trees captured with the light behind them are fabulous ☺️. I just popped by to let you know the snowdrops are out in full swing, the rainy weather hasn't been to kind to them this year. Also many a that I haven't let you know sooner, I've been ill with a bad cold and cough so haven't been out and about or even thought about them being out until yesterday. Hugs, Jo x

  4. That should be "many apologies", not "many a". Hugs, Jo xx

  5. I love looking up into the sky through tree branches. These are wonderful.
    Always liked that song, too. :)

  6. This is amazing Chris! What an amazing view to see as I've never had that pleasure, so I don't blame you for capturing and wanting to keep it around for always! I also know of that John Denver song and feel exactly the same way about it! Really love your interpretation of my "light" theme and sharing it with AJJ this month! Thank you for your inspiration...I feel the warm sun in it!

  7. Really nice work, dear Chris. And I too, like sunshine. Not everytime because I am waiting for some snow to fall again. But it seems that I wait in vain. But on the other hand I enjoy the sunshine on my walks.
    Have a good time

  8. Fabulous page, have a good day!
    Hug Elke