Tuesday, 4 August 2020

T Stands for taking the good with the bad!

Hi everyone, we are in virtual lockdown here in Greater Manchester - lots more restrictions in place that would not have to be, if folk had taken care to stay apart and wear masks. I also suspect that, without the constant reminders that were happening almost daily when COVID first hit, hand washing isn't being taken as seriously now! 

We had a lovely morning out last Friday.
I had rung the charity shop to see if they were taking goods and was told that if we got here for 10am we might be lucky! We arrived just before 10 with one person in front of us in the queue but were soon joined by several behind us.
The system for leaving our bags was very well organised with wooden bays having been built to take one days worth of bags - once full that was it for the day. There were four in all so that they could start to go through the bags from 72 hours previously.

After this we decided to visit a park we used to go to regularly before we moved to our apartment (although we are closer to it now!)

 We headed towards the visitor centre as we knew we could get to the sunken garden.

As we got to some steps a woman stood to one side but I had heard sounds of people up above and told her that we might go and investigate the cafe - she was full of praise of the way it was run and said the coffee was good too!

I am pausing here to join Bleubeard and Elizabeth for Tea Stands For Tuesday.

 This is the garden in front of the cafe, it is in a little cottage, except that it wasn't open...
 .....but in front of was a sectioned off queuing area...
 ...and two covered areas - one to take orders for drinks and to serve cake and ice-cream and where there was a contactless card machine and another to make the drinks for collection.
 I almost forgot to take photos. As you can see we had started to drink our coffee. I took this photo when hubby went to the bin with the carton from our shared (and yummy) ice-cream.
In between each park bench were huge tubs - some with plants in - and there were lots of empty benches to choose from.
We decide there and then that this was going to be a place to visit regularly!

We continued our walk..

  We saw lots of empty benches - that I guess would fill up during the day

 The pond area was overgrown as a lot of the volunteer gardeners were not back yet.

 The untidy looking tree we saw at the beginning looks like a bird from this direction!
The person on the bench was sketching, she told me that a sketching group used to meet locally before COVID.

 Any ideas what this is anyone?

 There is lots of open space here too

 Simons Bridge is where we used to walk to sometimes along the river bank from home - we used to walk back on the other side. We think when we don't have to worry about walking close to folk on narrow paths we may come here more often along the river.
 The river floods badly sometimes and this is a map to show how the golf courses are dedicated flood relief areas - it has happened twice this year.
 I will come back and take a photo of this when the sun doesn't shine on it
 We walked past the tennis courts

 We sat for a while here in the shade - Friday was a very hot day
 We spotted another path to follow another time.
 This gardener was making a lot of noise with a trimmer but the pigeon didn't even seem to notice!

We walked back to our car where this notice was by the gate.

Our lovely morning came to an end when we came back to read a letter advising us not to go out unless it was necessary and that the gardens here were closed for meeting anyone so I had to cancel an afternoon chat with my friend! 

Of course life isn't all bad - I had a lovely package from Elizabeth last week

Thank you so much, you may have seen where I have already used some of the bright napkin!

This morning we had arranged a 'Click and Collect' from the supermarket so off we went.
What a lovely surprise to get back and find a fabulous package from Kate.
This is her ATC, packaged so beautifully!
Kate sent me such a lovely package of goodies and there is her ATC on top of it all.
I will give the Honey Chai with Turmeric a try! 
Thank you so much Kate this was definitely good moment!

We have had a few more outings but as we have no more for a while I have some to keep me posting here for a while!
We also were able to meet up with some family members but that's another tale too!

Oh! and before I go I'll stop Elizabeth pondering about the postage stamp on her envelope - it is a Pink Floyd album - 'Wish you were Here'!

Thanks for looking, Chris